3D has come a long way since the sensational "B" movies of years gone by - Avatar saw to that. Now when you mention 3D, people associate it with a high quality digital cinematic experience. Now that Sky are broadcasting in 3D and Blu-ray, 3D players are everywhere. It is the corporate marketplace that is now waking up to the power that this highly effective communication tool can offer.

However, to most people 3D is still very much a novelty and an attraction, especially at exhibitions and trade shows. If you have struggled to get people to watch a corporate video on your stand, once it is in 3D, they'll even drag their friends across to watch it - providing it is worth watching of course! That is where we come in.

Shooting in stereoscopic 3D is an art. The new domestic fixed lens 3D cameras miss one important point - to get the best 3D effect for each shot, you need to be able to vary the distance and convergence of the twin cameras to maximise the effect. Get it right and it is stunning. Get it wrong and .... well you might as well not have bothered. We have been involved with pioneering 3D filiming for almost two decades and work with one of the UK's top experts in this field, Jack Ezra.

Whether you are planning a 3D programme in your office reception area, for an exhibition, or for a very important client presentation, let us help you to add a completely new dimension to your message. We have the expertise, experience, equipment and creative flair to create that "Wow!" factor.  Call now to find out how we can make a real difference to your corporate communications. 020 8688 2598


Add a new dimension to conferences, exhyibition stand videos, product launches, promotions and trade shows

Chris Day